Doe Eyes

I stumble into the metro. It’s 10:30 p.m. I am obviously drunk, as one usually is on a Tuesday evening. The compartment I am in is mostly empty. Some people have lives beyond the bottom of a bottle. Disgusting. I stumble towards the nearest empty seat. Everyone’s lost in their phones or books. I sit and let out a huge sigh. There’s a strange solitude within the vacuum-like confines of the metro – every sound is overamplified, so people prefer keeping their mouths shut. Hell, I know I do.

One station down. Fifteen more to go. I guess I’ll be sober by the time I get home, not that it matters.

At the third station, a small crowd enters. All the seats are occupied and a few people are standing. The static silence is broken by an obnoxious laughter. A lady is yelling into her phone. Everyone looks up from their screens, as if on cue. They roll their eyes. We all look at each other and exchange a knowing look – mutual dislike is a great way to bring people together. My eyes sweep the entire length of seats in front of me, giving everyone a once over. As my eyes flit from one face to face, they meet another pair of eyes. Eyes so lively, my own forget they are capable of any movement. They’re held captive by two large brown orbs, pupils dancing like fire dances in the wind – defiant, daring, overflowing with too much of that godforsaken life for 11 pm. Dancing Doe Eyes, I hear a whisper. I ignore it. Common sense cuts through my daze; I finally look away.

A few minutes pass. I’ve settled into the familiar comfort of my phone’s screen. But, something doesn’t feel right. I look up and there she is! Doe eyes staring at me so intently, I forget how to breathe. I feel like the deer trapped in headlights. There’s no looking away now. I put my phone down. There are just two pairs of eyes in the world. Everyone disappears. Yep, even that obnoxiously deafening lady. The lights in the metro go out, one by one. It doesn’t matter. Nothing does. As long as those eyes are locked with mine. Dancing relentlessly, reading my face, teasing the thoughts in my head. What is happening?

In the distance, I hear a whimper. I turn to look. A lone beam of light cuts through the darkness. Someone’s standing with their back against the door. In front of her on the floor is what at one point could be considered human. From where I’m sitting, it looks like nothing more than a bloody sack. My eyes look at the one standing by the door again. She’s holding a crowbar in her hand. She turns to me. Before I can tell what’s going on, she kicks something in my direction. A ball? I stop it with my foot. It’s a hairy, bloody mess. A head. A fucking head. I turn it in my hands. The head is bashed in. The face smashed mostly to a pulp. All senseless. Except for the eyes. They’re as alive as ever. Large brown orbs. Dancing relentlessly, reading my face, teasing the thoughts in my head.

Dancing Doe Eyes, I hear a whisper.

I look up and find myself staring at my reflection. There’s just me and my eyes, haunted endlessly. No eyes, no problem, there’s that whisper again. I sigh in agreement and look down at the spoon carefully sharpened just enough, trembling between my fingers.

The metro is gone. The Doe Eyes are gone. There’s only darkness at long last.


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