Postcards made with love for THAT one person

This is for them. The ones whose bullshit we see coming from a mile away and whose stupidity is nothing short of a weapon of mass destruction. I’d like to call it obnoxiously and brutally honest postcards you wish you could send to some people, but you can’t, so you’ll passive aggressively smirk and share this instead.

Thank you for giving us all a reason to drink at 8 a.m.


You are the reason your dreams are not coming true.


Thanks for giving it your 100%. It still sucks. So do you.


These are just some ways I've dreamed of killing you


I am sorry for all the times you thought we cared about your bullshit.


Wish you were here. So you'd trip and fall and no one would notice.


Work hard everyday. Your face can't be fixed, but your career can.


I love you so much... I want to lock you up in my basement and never let you out.


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