Doyle and The Sautéed Broccoli

There wasn’t much to say about Doyle except that he was an ordinary kid. Ordinary cuteness, ordinary way of dressing and ordinary mannerisms. Therefore, like all ordinary children, Doyle too hated eating greens, which extraordinary children perfectly recognised as an absolute necessity, so they never really developed any emotions towards it.

Now, Doyle’s mother tried as much as she could to not have the rather bland broccoli for lunch. (Broccoli was Doyle’s ultimate food from hell). But on some days, you just run out of options. Plus, kids need their nutrition, what with all the chaos they wreak at every step.

So it was that Doyle found his way to the dining table, as all ordinary children do, and found in front of him sautéed broccoli on his favourite yellow plate. Favourite yellow plate, Doyle noticed, as if that made any difference!

But what could he have done anyway? His hunger was winning the battle against his hatred. He thought he was going to throw up at the very sight of the broccoli piled up on his plate.

Doyle crinkled his nose, screwed his eyes shut, held his breath and stabbed the sautéed broccoli with his plastic fork, with reinforced passion.

Fortunately and unfortunately, he never really got around to actually eating the broccoli. Because, the broccoli, though sautéed and stabbed, opened its green mouth in a huge O- far larger than Doyle’s head- and swallowed Doyle whole. In one go. Without a sound from either of them.

It did not even belch.

Moral: Eat your greens, before they eat you up.





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