Look Before You Beam

Picture Source: http://www.artsonia.com/museum/art.asp?id=10623655&exhibit=330163&gallery=y
Picture Source: http://www.artsonia.com/museum/art.asp?id=10623655&exhibit=330163&gallery=y

Sarah was a good girl. Everyone thought so. She thought so. But she wasn’t proud of being a good girl. Well, because, good girls are not proud.

On this morning, Sarah couldn’t stop blushing at the old fruit vendor’s acknowledgement of what a lovely girl she was. He gave her a small bag of oranges! Good girls are always rewarded, she beamed to herself and passersby.

The day had barely begun, but Sarah needn’t wait for the rest of the day. She already had that dreamy glow about her. She was still dreamily glowing when she stepped off the sidewalk, into the middle of the street and in front of the huge silver truck.

Seconds later, people were gathered around a semi solid pulp of Sarah and her bag of oranges the old fruit vendor gave her for being such a good girl.

“Oh! Poor little girl!”, the people cried and sighed.

A day later, at the funeral, friends and foes, familiars and strangers, gathered around the silver urn that had Sarah- or whatever they could pick of her.

“Oh! How unfortunate. She was such a good girl!”, they cried and sighed.

Moral: You may be good. But are you good enough to look on both sides before you cross the road?


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