Questions We Maybe Should Start Asking

I have those moments- a lot of them, actually (most of which may stem from moments of clear silence in the toilet or from endless debates with the many voices in my head), when I have so many questions that the universe has no option but to flip me an exasperated finger. SO, I say now, enough of inner ramblings. I need to ask these questions out loud right now.

  1. Will the internet ever stop existing?
  2. Will we survive without it?
  3. What about cellphones?
  4. Will the iPhone ever stop being so expensive?
  5. In what direction is evolution headed?
  6. Reverse?
  7. Will we keep shuttling between apes and evolved humans, or will we manage to figure out a bypass and in turn, become, say a eucalyptus tree?
  8. At what point will we stop needing advertisements to tell us what to buy, where to put our money and how to live our lives?
  9. What if, just once, universal anarchy broke out at the same time- like, a rebellion against human race, by human race?
  10. What if said war was fought with pillows?
  11. WHAT is society?
  12. When will we stop living up to preset standards set by who knows who?
  13. Do we manage to stop being so needlessly opinionated about EVERYTHING we see- even the mundane, redundant stuff?
  14. Will Person of Interest (the TV show) ever get the attention it deserves?
  15. Will we, as humans, master the art of empathy and unquestionable acceptance?
  16. Do we ever learn that money is too small a matter to spend lifetimes struggling for?
  17. What if ALL kids refused to go to school? Or college?
  18. What will happen if corporations stopped controlling our buying decisions?
  19. When will the internet stop being about exactly two kinds of people- those who do and those who criticise?
  20. In what direction is the shady-apps industry headed?
  21. Who thought of pornography?
  22. Who turned it into a money-minting industry?
  23. How and why did we let that happen?
  24. What if for one day, just one day, EVERYONE could afford whatever they wanted?
  25. What if one day the whole world turned into a nude beach?
  26. What will we do when the ozone layer is depleted?
  27. And the polar ice caps?
  28. Are we prepared for the vengeful domination of the Penguins and Polar Bears?
  29. Forget Penguins and Polar Bears, will our future generations know what a tree is?
  30. What will happen if we just told someone we loved them and they loved us back and we didn’t go ahead and turn it into a nuclear experiment gone wrong?
  31. What will we do if photographs stopped existing?
  32. What if we never saw our own faces again?
  33. What would happen if everyone became compulsively honest?
  34. Will we forget emotions?
  35. Will we learn to trust fully again?
  36. How did I, in spite of all the catastrophes, survive?
  37. Why are we here?
  38. If only the good die young, what are we?
  39. What would you do if one day you woke up with the slate of your life wiped squeaky clean?
  40. What is the first thing you’d do?
  41. Why can’t animals talk?
  42. Why can’t I invent a whole new colour?
  43. Who named colours and why and how?
  44. What if the universe spoke to us, like verbally, only to tell us “Fuck y’all. You were doomed from the beginning!”?

Do I need to be put down?

More Questions, More Trouble.
More Questions, More Trouble.


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