Writer Problems.

I got 99 problems and 99,000 drafts.

  1. Trying to stick to writing one piece at a time.
  2. Controlling the explosion of epic ideas bursting in your head, just as you manage to focus on the thing you’re currently working on.
  3. Starting out with writing one thing, ending up publishing a whole different thing.
  4. Running out of coffee and/or alcohol and realising you’re in no shape or position to step out and replenish stock.
  5. Brooding about all the words in the world you’re missing out on.
  6. And the subsequent injustice you might be causing to these unused words by not giving them your precious intellectual attention.
  7. More drafts.
  8. Trying to find a balance between working on fresh ideas and completing old drafts (which may be gathering a whole new species of mould by now).
  9. Coming across an idea or a muse that’s beautiful, but not understanding how to turn it into a work of art.
  10. Trying to remember that crazy line you thought of in the morning (to no avail).
  11. Realizing that every person you see has a unique story, subsequently making them a lot more than just random strangers, subsequently making you want to figure them out.
  12. The failure of which, sometimes causes great disappointment and, ever so rarely, heartbreak.
  13. Too many people, too many stories, too little time.
  14. Acute self-criticism.
  15. Figuring out whether it’s okay to monetise something you love so much.
  16. If not monetise writing, then finding another skill you might be good at.
  17. Controlling word count.
  18. Aching fingers and hyperactive brain- at the same time.
  19. Wanting to write your own story, but not sure how.
  20. Excessive fantasism.
  21. Writing so much, you forget how to talk.
  22. Losing your notebook (even temporarily)
  23. Or your favourite pen. Or pencil.
  24. Can’t decide between getting something to eat (after starving self for scandalous hours) and finishing what you’re currently writing.
  25. Writing in the constant fear of ‘forgetting’ what you wanted to say and/or losing your writing mojo.
  26. Being unable to write and shower at the same time.
  27. Spending a major portion of writing time in “creating the right environment”.
  28. Getting furious if the created environment is not up to mental standards.
  29. Believing that one needs to feel pain and misery to write something great.
  30. Subjecting self to pain and misery.
  31. Even if it has to be the pain and misery of others.
  32. Brooding about how you don’t get the time to read more books.
  33. Brooding about all the books in the universe you’ll never get to read.
  34. In the process, not reading books that are already piled up.
  35. Saying “Did I seriously write this trash?” on reading almost every old work (even though it may not really be trash).
  36. That one style or form of writing you’re too afraid to try because you tried it once and sucked at it.

“You must love writing a lot…”

“Yeah. Sure. NOT.”



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