On Writing.


Sure, writing is easy. Just scribble the pencil against the paper, stringing random fancy words together. NOT. It’s chaos. By the end of it I want to set my work on fire and kill myself too. Instead, I go ahead and write this- the crazy marathon my brain runs while work is in progress. MAY OR MAY NOT BE TRUE.

  1. This is it.
  2. I’m about to create a masterpiece.
  3. Must not stop writing.
  4. Don’t get distracted.
  5. Don’t think about dinner.
  6. I need a drink.
  7. No. I don’t.
  8. Can’t leave the desk.
  9. I need a drink.
  10. I need a lot of drinks.
  11. I don’t think this is going as well as I planned.
  12. This is not going well at all.
  13. FOCUS.
  14. I’m having another great idea.
  15. No. I must finish this first.
  16. Should I write new idea down at least?
  17. What was I writing about?
  18. Oh look. A fly!
  19. Flies fly. Birds fly. Aeroplanes fly.
  20. The aeroplane first took flight on the 17th of December.
  21. 17th of December is my birthday.
  22. I’m getting old.
  23. We’re all getting old.
  24. We’re all going to die.
  25. Why am I here?
  26. Why is anybody here?
  27. What is everybody else doing at this point?
  28. What am I doing?
  29. I was thinking.
  30. What was I thinking?
  31. SHIT.
  33. I forgot.
  34. Maybe if I rewrite the whole thing, I’ll know.
  35. I know what to write next.
  36. What’s next on Game of Thrones?
  37. When’s the next book releasing?
  38. What if Westeros was real?
  39. What if I was in it?
  40. Dragons.
  41. I need to think of Dragon names.
  42. Direwolves.
  43. PHOENIX!
  44. Where is this heading?
  45. This was a bad idea?
  47. I should write about a doctor next.
  48. No. I got this.
  49. We’re doing well.
  50. Oh well.
  51. Should we get that gun.
  52. Get that gun.

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